I am a prolific writer for the dental journals, below you will find a small selection of my recent work.

My MBA Diary 2014-2015 Download
A red-hot success for the Ice White Charity Christmas party Dentistry 1, February 2015
Thinking outside the box Dentistry 2, October 2014 Download
Pitching practice Dentistry 1, September 2014 Download
First aid for implants Dentistry 1, September 2014
And Finally… Q&A with Dr Nilesh R Parmar Private Dentistry, June 2014 Download
CBCT-Assisted Implant Therapy: A Case Study Source1UK, June 2014 Download
Why am I doing this again? Dentistry 2, Jun 2014 Download
A new way of thinking Dentistry 2, May 2014 Download
Out of the comfort zone Dentistry 2, Apr 2014 Download
What's in my surgery? Dentistry 1, Apr 2014 Download
It's back to school - again! Dentistry 2, Mar 2014 Download
Dental accounts - your questions answered! Dentistry 1, June 2012 Download
CBCT-assisted implant therapy: A case study Dentistry 1, March 2014 Download
An interview with Dr Nilesh R. Parmar The Probe, Mar 2014 Download
Working together towards success Dentistry 1, Mar 2014 Download
Back to school Young Dentist, Mar/Apr 2014 Download
CBCT-assisted implant therapy: A case study Cone Beam International No. 1, 2014 Download
My Favourite Case Private Dentistry, Feb 2014 Download
Viewpoints: Perspectives in practice... The Probe, Nov 2013 Download
Viewpoints: The importance of a healthy body and healthy mind The Probe, Oct 2013 Download
Viewpoints: When is one too successful? The Probe, Sep 2013 Download
Congratulations, you’ve qualified - what now? Young Dentist, Sept 2013 Download
Shooting 'em down Dentistry - Special Supplement, Aug 2013 Download
Digital dentistry 'at its best' Aesthetic Dentistry Today, Aug 2013 Download
Viewpoints: Just qualified? Fancy owning a practice? Are you mad? The Probe, Aug 2013 Download
Case study: Predictable anterior cosmetics The Probe, Aug 2013 Download
Viewpoints: How much experience makes you experienced? The Probe, Jul 2013 Download
One minute with: Nilesh Parmar PPD, Jul 2013 Download
Viewpoints: Time for dental schools to step into the 21st century The Probe, Jun 2013 Download
Viewpoints: Should only orthodontists move teeth around? The Probe, May 2013 Download
Viewpoints: Dental reps work really hard! The Probe, Apr 2013 Download
Case study: restoring form and function with implants and veneers Implant Dentistry Today, Mar 13 Download
Viewpoints: Stop horsing around with VAT! The Probe, Mar 13 Download
Spotlight: Dr. Nilesh Parmar Dental Practice, Mar 13 Download
A challenging self-referral Aesthetic Dentistry Today, Feb 2013 Download
Viewpoints: Five days a week? No thanks, I'm a dentist The Probe, Feb 2013 Download
'CEREC 27 and a half' in Las Vegas Dentistry, Feb 2013 Download
Guided implant surgical placement with CAD/CAM CEREC Crown Implant Tribune, January 2013 Download
Viewpoints: The times are changing... The Probe, Jan 2013 Download
Implant surgical kit This is the brochure for my personal implant surgical kit in collaboration with Hu-Friedy Download
Educating the patient Aesthetic Dentistry Today, Oct 2012 Download
A beautiful relationship Dentistry, Sep 2012 Download
So you want to be an implant dentist...? Young Dentist, Sep 2012 Download
A challenging multi-disciplinary implant case Dental Tribune, Aug 12 Download
The good, the bad and the ugly! Dentistry, Jul 2012 Download
Dental accounts – your questions answered! Dentistry, Jun 2012 Download
‘Young and talented’ Dentistry, May 2012 Download
Dental implants: it's not as easy as it looks Dental Tribune, May 2012 Download
Did I choose the right career? Young Dentist, May 2012 Download
I couldn’t do without... PPD, May 2012 Download
Multi-disciplinary treatment case report Dentistry, Mar 2012 Download
Impacted canines - a case study Dental Tribune, Mar 2012 Download
Five minutes with Dr Nilesh Parmar Implant Dentistry Today, Mar 2012 Download
Nilesh Parmar reflects on his dental journey so far Private Dentistry, Feb 2012 Download
Sit Back and Relax Private Dentistry, Jun 2011 Download
Dentistry Awards Special: Renaissance man 19th Aug 2010 Download
Implant Dentistry Today magazine June 2010 Download
Dentistry In the Third Dimension Published in Dentistry Magazine 2010 Download
Masters Thesis: Proliferation of Osteoblasts in vitro when subjected to optimum concentrations of PRP & rhBMP-2 Download
Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in denture plaque in a group of denture wearing in-patients Download
MRSA Literature Review Proliferation of Osteoblasts in vitro when subjected to optimum concentrations of PRP & rhBMP-2 Download
Presentation on Cone Beam CT Planning using the Galileos CBCT system Download
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