Prosthetic Dentistry Essex

This is the field of dentistry which deals with making dentures. These can be full dentures (which replace all the teeth), partial dentures (which replace some of the teeth) or implant overdentures, (which use dental implants to enable the dentures to stay in place). Unfortunately, the art of making good quality dentures is one which is fading, with many denture wearers finding it hard to have a satisfactory set made.

Making dentures is something which I have always enjoyed since my days as a vocational trainee. I find it to be one of the least stressful procedures in dentistry and in 2007 completed a Masters Degree in Prosthetic Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute. This encompassed carrying out both the clinical and laboratory procedures involved in denture manufacture. As a result, I have accumulated a great deal of experience in denture fabrication and am sad to say the Masters in Prosthetic Dentistry is no longer offered at the Eastman, making my degree a very rare one indeed.

I welcome all patients for denture manufacture, and can recommend implant retained overdentures where necessary. I am in the unique position where, not only can I plan and surgically place the dental implants, I can also make the denture or bridge to go on top of them. This way you only have to see one clinician throughout your treatment, allowing us to visualise the final result before we begin.

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