When choosing a dentist, it is important to get some feedback from other patients he/she has treated in the past. Instead of giving you a short list of one sentence recommendations, I have decided to limit my testimonials from two patients who have had extensive implant work carried out by myself. These patients and I have been through a long process to correct the failings in their mouths, and are now my patients for life. It is this philosophy with my work, which I think helps me receive alot of word of mouth recommendations, and lots of happy patients.

I admire my example of your handiwork several times a day and can only say that I am delighted with the result. It makes an enormous difference not to have to worry about the crown rocking backwards and forewards, or the denture slipping out at inconvenient moments. Avoiding the apple crunch or the sweetcorn tear is a tiny price to pay for the benefit of the implant.

Thank you for an excellent job and for shepherding me through to a successful result.

Best wishes,


Dr Nilesh Parmar is the kindest, most gentle dentist I have ever come across in my entire life (49 years). My story is that when I was 15 I lost several front teeth, which were replaced by a small denture. Over the years as I grew the denture got larger and larger and more difficult to deal with. My original front teeth were always behind my bottom teeth.

I have been under specialist dental treatment since the age of 15 and have had a very good experience in the main. About 5 years ago it became apparent that my upper palate was receding at an alarming rate. About three years ago, as technology zoomed forward there was a chance that I could have a bone graft onto the palate and implants. For me this was a very exciting but scary prospect.

I was introduced to Nilesh by Dr. Howe at Guys; Nilesh was to look after me throughout the long and gruelling treatment period. Over the years our relationship has grown and I have made a new young friend.

Nilesh coordinated between the maxofacial surgeon from Kings and the implant Professor from Guys throughout the years. Nothing was left to chance. Nilesh never missed a deadline. Always on time. Nilesh went over and beyond the call of duty in making me a temporary denture, (in fact two as all the teeth fell off the first one), a temporary bridge, so that apart from 10 days after the graft at no time was I without teeth. This was a God send, as I run my own business and have to interact with clients and my team on an ongoing basis.

My false teeth were my terrible secret, my children new nothing about them, nor my friends. I was conscious of them ALL of the time. I rarely smiled showing my teeth. I hid in the bathroom to clean them. I didn’t eat crunchy food and was always worried about them falling out when in a meeting. Nilesh took the decision to work with the maxofacial surgeon during my operation. He came to see me at Kings, prior to me going down to theatre and as I was alone, he took the decision to wait to see me when I came round. Kindness that was just breathtaking.

During the recuperation period Nilesh kept in regular contact via email. I suffered a major personal crisis and several business challenges during the treatment time, Nilesh was always there with a kind word and a smile. Professional at all times I feel totally comfortable with him. He has never ever hurt me, his injections are a dream, and in fact I look forward to the trips to Guys. Nilesh kept me informed all along of the progress of my treatment, he took totally on board the debilitating effect having false front teeth had had on me.

Nilesh worked on my teeth when he should have been on holiday, he persuaded the technicians to keep on improving the shape, the fit, the colour of my bridge until it was just perfect.

My smile today is stunning, my confidence is returning, I smile and laugh with an open mouth at all given opportunities. I can taste food, feel champagne bubbles on the roof of my mouth, eat apples, carrots and all things crunchy. Nilesh has changed my life.

If you would like to see the final result I would be delighted to come and show them off to you. Nilesh Parmar is a talented, kind, generous professional. He is a tribute to the Profession. He will do great things with his career and deserves to be Young Dentist of the Year.

Nilesh is a close dental colleague. Last year, he capped his BDS and MSc (Prosthetics) with an MSc in Implantology. Beyond that, learning for Nilesh is not just doing annual CPD, but a range of specialist training and courses from far and wide e.g. a recent course in Brazil on Bone grafts & sinus lifting. This passion and quest for knowledge is no mean feat, except that all through that, Nilesh also maintains his broad professional dentistry portfolio including: Numerous published articles featured in Dental Probe & Implant Dentistry Today, Implantology at London Bridge Dental Practice; General Practice at Southend and implant dentisty at Sparkly Smiles in Blackheath. His defining quality is that he equally enthusiastic about simple periodontology, as he is with complex implants, and indeed everything in between shown by the varied and multiple courses he attends from bone grafting, to orthodontics.

Clearly, Nilesh's total and genuine commitment to furthering dentistry is for the broader good. He marks himself out as having a mindset, which is looking to put something back into the profession rather just using his abilities for personal gain. As but one example of this, is 2 hands on workshops he taught in Belsheim, Germany covering CBCT, implant treatments and how to use the software. He is also an Astra Clinical Coach, and will be giving a 2-day course in February 2011 to GDPs on implant treatment planning and restoration.

Beyond professional life, there is the regular gym, fitness, mountain climbing (Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas), the marathon circuit (completed the London 2007 Marathon and preparing for the NY marathon next year). He is also well on his way to achieving his helicopter license to supplement his pilots license, as well as recently driving a Ferrari around the Maranello test track in Italy.

Of Nilesh's energy and drive, a friend at the Leeds Dental Institute put so aptly, "Clearly someone who knows how to stretch a 24-hour day into 26 hours". Another said, "Must be one of those who manages with 3-4 hours of sleep a day." In response to all that, Nilesh came up with the ever thoughtful (and wise!) observation: Simple time management will always find you the time for everything you REALLY want to do". Clearly, dentistry doesn't come in the way of a full life!

To sum up, this is an individual committed to making a difference to the profession as a whole. He has excelled academically (both learning and research) and inspired many around him in the profession, including me. In terms of the wider community and those around him, his broad interests, knowledge, warmth and charm make for a great social cocktail and Nilesh mixes with people at all levels in an easy, unfussy and interesting manner. I therefore believe Nilesh is a worthy nomination because of his infectious and inspiring enthusiasm for dentistry and because of his all admirable all round personal qualities as an individual.
DR ST Leeds

From my first visit i was made to feel very looked after. I am a nervous patient and Nilesh has helped me alot, the treatment I have recieved has been outstanding and I now actually enjoy my visits!
AB from Essex

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