Scotiabank Privacy Agreement

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If you have a general question about Scotiabank`s privacy policy, please contact the branch or branch you are handling or call your Local Scotiabank contact centre. If your establishment or establishment is unable to respond to your request to your satisfaction, please degenerate or define your local headquarters. When personal data is made available to our service providers, we ask them to protect it in a manner consistent with Scotiabank`s privacy and security policies, practices and standards. We have put in place a data protection framework that defines the structure and responsibility for the safe and respectful handling of personal data. Our data protection framework is overseen by a data protection office, managed by our Chief Privacy Officer. Phone: 1-877-700-0043 Fax: 1-877-700-0045 Email: mail.president@scotiabank.com Letter: Privacy Office c/o The Office of the President, Scotiabank 44 King Street West Toronto M5H 1H1 Your privacy is important to Scotiabank. This data protection agreement (the “data protection agreement”), as amended from time to time, defines information practices for scotiabank, including the nature of the information collected, how the information is used, and who the information is shared with. If we sell a business or part of the activities or assets of Bank of Nova Scotia or a related company, you agree that we may pass on your data to the buyer, even before the sale. We will ask each buyer to protect the information we disseminate and use it in a manner consistent with Scotiabank`s privacy policies and practices. You can access your country`s contact information and steps to solve your problem by visiting our global website (www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,7764,00.html) and then browsing your country`s “Contact” page. Privacy Policy We provided this information to explain how Scotiabank protects the privacy of individual customers` personal data and how you have the right to refuse to enter, use or disclose information at any time. Scotiabank is committed to keeping your personal data confidential and secure.

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