Rbc Visa Card Agreement

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Your credit card fees should not cost more than your dinner. Switch to an RBC Bank U.S. 4 credit card and save foreign transaction fees. Card Restrictions: Your card is a digital card, which means it can be used by retailers who accept Visa`s Contactless Payments (Tap) with your mobile device. Transaction limits for incoming tap purchases are generally limited to $100 per transaction. These limits may not apply if your card is used to pay online and over the phone with retailers who accept these payments. Your card cannot be used by retailers who accept Visa cards, but do not accept point-of-sale contactless payments. Nor can it be used to make any type of cash withdrawal such as an ATM or in person from a financial institution. You can make a larger purchase than the balance on your card if the merchant allows shared payments. Retailers cannot check your card balance, so you should check your balance in the Mydoh app or call 1-888-857-2748 in Canada or the U.S. for free and inform the merchant in advance that you are sharing the payment.

Regardless of the above, a funder can only use his card to keep the funds loaded in his Mydoh application or to finance transfers to associated holders. An annual fee is a single annual fee for maintaining the credit card, whether or not the card is used in the previous year. Interest is calculated monthly on your credit card balance and varies depending on the type of credit card you own. Your RBC credit card comes with valuable travel insurance9 that protects you from the unexpected. You also get protection for your purchases and rental vehicle. Take a look at the entire cover that comes with a Black Signature Visa and signature black plus card. To purchase or use the card, we must verify card fees and important information about prepaid cards provided in this agreement (“Disclosures”). Since your card is a digital card that you purchase or use with a mobile device, computer or other device (“device”), we provide you with the disclosures in electronic form, as long as you agree to receive it electronically. Different types of transactions (purchases or cash) vary depending on interest rates. Your credit card statement confirms the interest rate. On your statement of account, the transaction is displayed in national currency and exchange rate (which is defined by Mastercard/VISA). In addition, the standard fees that are collected are defined.

This card allows you to earn RBC Rewards (1) points that can be redeemed for travel, merchandise and RBC Financial Rewards® vouchers that can be applied to a number of RBC loan and investment products. If you are interested in an RBC Rewards Visa Gold card with a secure option, please visit your local office to complete the application. To find your nearest branch or find the service in your preferred language, click here or call us at 1-800-769-2511. Our credit cards are tailored to the different needs of our customers and their way of life. Each of them therefore has slight differences in their costs and fees. For more information on the cost of using your card abroad (along with a comparison with your debit card usage), please visit our currency calculator card.

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