Communication In Agreement

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Keywords: contract, contract theory, contractual communication, Grice, meaning of the spokesperson, acts of speech, interpretation, construction Let`s say it again: misunderstandings and misunderstandings often result from a communication style that does not agree. To overcome these differences and face each other in a place of clarity, ease and understanding, each communication partner must at least adapt or modify some parts of their automatic (and intuitive) mode of communication. I propose to those who sincerely want to better understand their communication partner and connect with it that they each conclude a number of new communication agreements. Of course, not all misunderstandings are eliminated by the agreements proposed in the Communication Treaty. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines, the likelihood of misunderstandings and misunderstandings* on both sides can decrease sharply. It`s a place to start. I hope that mutual understanding and authentic communication will flourish. * To clarify all communication partners, my presentations and book contain detailed definitions of the concepts of misunderstandings and misunderstandings, as well as other relevant concepts. There are many possibilities for treatment and educational strategies in the field of autism spectrum disorders, which assume that something needs to be changed in the person with the DSA: their behavior, reactions, thoughts, or communication skills. The intention of this article is to take a broader, more inclusive and perhaps bolder approach. First, we begin by recognizing that the autism spectrum is associated with a different communication style, unlike the widespread communication style that most (non-autistic) people know and expect unconsciously. Win-Win is the concept that a certain belief or practice creates a positive outcome for all parties involved, even if it seems that they are on opposite or contradictory sides with different needs..

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