Yum Franchise Agreement

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CONSIDERING that WS has assigned PHI to manage, manage and manage the WingStreet system business in the continental United States (with the exception of Hawaii) and has authorized PHI to offer and sell WingStreet franchises in the continental United States (except Hawaii) as a sub-right of WS, all under the supervision of some licensing and management agreement (the “licensing agreement”), which has been entered into between PHI and WSS For each WS Co-Brand Outlet opened by the operator on January 1, 2009, However, before the date on which PHI franchisees must have jointly developed and opened an aggregate of 1,000 WS Co-Brand Outlets within the United States of America (excluding Hawaii), the operator will collect the percentage of the operator`s WingStreet Gross revenue during the previous period, as indicated for year 5 and beyond, as indicated above. 18. Mutual release. The parties exempt each other from all claims arising from: (i) the development, operation, licensing and franchising of WingStreet as a separate trademark, not a line extension or a new concept under the franchise agreement; (ii) PHI`s previous WingStreet offer to PHI franchisees; (iii) any prior communication or action by and between IPHFHA and its members in relation to WingStreet; and (iv) any allegation that any of the parties violated the Wagnon/Hearl/Campbell agreement of April 8, 2004. By acquiring the Pizza Hut restaurant chain in France in May 2017, the company acquired a master franchise interest in this market with respect to the operation of Pizza Hut Express and delivery Restaurants. Information on the conditions of cooperation on the French market can be found on the website: www.pizzahutfranchise.fr/nos-concepts/. For more information, please contact the email address: Najibe.Lyamani@amrest.eu “The franchisor protects the franchisee`s right to use trademarks, service marks, trademarks, logos or other business symbols, or compensates the franchisee for losses, expenses or expenses arising from claims, claims or claims related to the use of the name.” WHEREAS, PHI and operator are parts of one or more Pizza Hut, Inc.

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