Wealthfront Management Agreement

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Wealthfront offers the kind of holistic financial advice and automated investment management that caters to both new and experienced investors: useful planning tools, diversified portfolios and hand portfolios, and advanced tax optimization strategies. High-yield cash account (no fees for administrative fees). The quintessence: Wealthfront is a robo-advisor force and offers a competitive administration fee of 0.25%, free balance management of less than $5,000 (with NerdWallets Promotion) and one of the most powerful tax optimization services offered by an online consultant. High-rate savings: In 2019, Wealthfront created the Wealthfront Cash Account, a savings account that currently pays 0.35% interest and is competitive with many online banks. The most remarkable thing about this account is that, thanks to white-label agreements with several banks, Wealthfront is able to offer up to $1 million in FDIC coverage, or four times more insurance than the average bank account. Like other savings accounts, money deposited on the cashfront Cash Account is not subject to any investment risk. The account does not charge a fee. If you also have a wealthfront investment account, investment management fees do not apply to money in the cash account. Management fee: Wealthfront calculates 0.25% for management, although the first $5,000 invested is managed for free when you sign up via NerdWallet.

The company`s largest independent competitor, Betterment, also requires 0.25% for its digital service. (You will find a full description of this company`s services and fees in our Betterment note. We also have a complete comparison of Wealthfront vs. Betterment.) If you`re not quite ready to pay for money management yet, wealthfront allows you to link your bank and retirement accounts to their powerful Path financial planning tool – and you don`t have to pay a penny. If you decide that Wealthfront manages your money for you, you pay the 0.25% fee. Keep reading about how Path works. Unlike banks that leave your money in your accounts, we use technology to make more money with all your money, without any effort on your part. Tax-loss of the free daily harvest for all taxable accounts. The restriction? Although the effort ratio for the fund is lower than that of other risk parity funds, it is slightly higher than that of other funds used in waterfront portfolios: 0.25%, bringing the weighted average effort ratio of portfolios containing the Wealthfront Risk Parity Fund to 0.11% (no more than 20% of the client account can be invested in the fund).

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