Us Taliban Peace Agreement Full Text

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It is totally absurd to think that the Afghan government and the Taliban will find an outcome for Afghan women that is in line with our values. The fact that the United States reached this agreement without a clear statement of our expectations for women`s rights is one of our principles and that is precisely why we have fought so long and hard. Simply abandoning the plight of Afghan women to intra-Afghan dialogue is a massive abandonment of the American and international responsibility to support universal human rights. Let us be clear: the Taliban will never give Afghan women the respect and place they deserve in future Afghan society. The fact that the U.S. government thinks otherwise is either the culmination of naivety, or the deliberate abandonment of these women, or both. Russia. Moscow hopes to revive relations with Afghanistan, which were severed by the country`s break-up in 1989 after decades of occupation. Experts say Russia wants to play a leading role in the peace process and strengthen its influence in Afghanistan to counter the U.S. and NATO presence in the region.

Several meetings were held last year between Taliban delegations and Afghan representatives. From their own experience, the Taliban are too decentralized and too diverse a group to control themselves usefully. During the Eid ceasefire, while the Taliban chanted their ability to demonstrate control of violence, innocent Afghan civilians were killed and wounded by hundreds of people. We could negotiate directly with the Taliban of the Quetta Shura or Peshawar Shura, and yet we would have field commanders who would make independent decisions without any “official” discussions or agreements going on. Too often we treat this group as a homogeneous unit, although it is in fact a loose conglomerate of local tribal leadership, independent warlords, and separate or isolated cells. Any argument that the Taliban can control long-term violence is a fantasy. In July 2018, U.S. officials secretly met with the Taliban at Qatar`s political office. [73] In September 2018, Mr. Trump appointed Zalmay Khalilzad as special adviser for Afghanistan to the U.S. State Department with the stated goal of facilitating an intra-Afghan political peace process. [74] Khalilzad held further discussions between the United States and the Taliban in Qatar in October 2018.

[75] In November 2018, Russia organized a separate peace speech between the Taliban and officials of the Afghan High Peace Council. [76] Talks in Qatar resumed in December 2018[77] although the Taliban refused to invite the Afghan government[78] because they considered a puppet government of the United States. [79] The Taliban spoke to Afghans, including former President Hamid Karzai, who was detained in a Moscow hotel in February 2019. [21] The negotiations had long been supported by former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the British and Pakistani governments, but were rejected by the US government. Karzai proposed peace talks with the Taliban in September 2007, which was immediately rejected by the insurgent group, citing the presence of foreign troops. [37] Until 2009, Afghanistan largely agreed to end the war, but how to get there was an important issue for the 2009 Afghan presidential candidates[38] who had re-elected Karzai. In a televised address after his election, Karzai called on “our Taliban brothers to go home and embrace their country”[39] and presented plans for the creation of a loya-jirga. Efforts have been undermined by the rise of U.S. troops in the country by the Obama administration. [40] At a london conference in January 2010, Karzai said he wanted to reach out to the Taliban to lay down arms. [41] U.S.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cautiously supported the proposal. [42] At the United States Institute of Peace, Karzai declared in May 2010 that a “peace process” with the Taliban and other militants “not part of Al Qaeda or other terrorist networks or ideologically against us.”

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