Tutoring Service Agreement

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Learntalk reserves the right to unilaterally terminate a teacher`s services for the following reasons (but not only for the following reasons): fees are calculated using a tutoring rate ($1 per hour). No other fees are charged for the tutor`s travel or preparation period. Fees can be adjusted from time to time and come into effect after writing to the student (days). a. 1. Blocking – My account is unlocked 1 week after the suspension date. b. 2. Blocking – My account is unlocked 1 month after the suspension date. c. 3. Blocking – My account is disabled and my online support agreement is automatically terminated. This support contract can be terminated at any time by each party by notifying the other party (days before written notification).

The student agrees that tasks, exercises or assignments are an integral part of the tutoring and undertakes to temporarily complete the work. Each party bears the cost of internet data and software/subscriptions incurred when needed to facilitate online tutoring. Fees can be adjusted from time to time and come into effect after writing to the student (days). Below is a simple catch-up agreement. If you like this support agreement, use a PDF note app and fill out your contact information, fees and payment details. Remember, this is just a pattern. Edit and add details using a PDF editor to tailor it to your support needs and services. EXCLUS NONIVITY – I understand that this agreement is not exclusive and I am free to work for other employers while I do online English support services for Learntalk students. Online tutoring offers financial benefits for both parties. The free support contract provided here is ideal for independent contractors who can offer courses or coaching in a variety of subjects.

While the tutor makes private lessons available to the student on the following topics: It is important to clarify your payment terms and prices for each support service. How should your students pay: online, via PayPal or cash? Make sure you know if they pay lesson per lesson or for a full course. A course could be a 10 hour package that could include a 10% discount. This way, your customers will know exactly what they have to pay if they agree to work with you and your service. Please provide details on the late cancellation. What happens if the student doesn`t cancel in time? In this article, you will find a simple free support contract that you can download for free. You will find the guidelines and legal distinction between the contractor and the staff as well as the contracts of more independent contractors on our Independent Contractors Models page and on our staff forms page, see our Contracts for Employment page.

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