Reciprocal Health Care Agreement Malta

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Despite EU membership, Malta and the UK continue to exchange mutual benefits on health care, social security, cooperation and mutual assistance. Maltese and British citizens can continue to enjoy the benefits of the 1956 and 1958 bilateral health and social security treaties. Public health care in Malta is provided through public hospitals, health centres and pharmacies. Medical care in Malta is available from both public and private hospitals and the quality of health care in Malta is excellent. This guide will be updated if the way you get public health care in Malta changes. Your certificate indicates that you are entitled to health care on the same basis as a Maltese citizen. The UNITED Kingdom is the only EU country with which Malta has such an agreement. Maltese British residents who are not entitled to health care through national insurance premiums must apply for an RHA card in order to qualify for these free health services. You may be entitled to public health care paid for by the UK if you live in Malta and receive: many people prefer to visit private family doctors on a “pay per visit” basis, while some employers offer privately funded medical care to their employees. If you work or are self-employed, you pay social security contributions in Malta. They hate you for free public health care. You have to prove that every time you go to your health centre, you are entitled to public health care. This may be the case: the 12,000 British expatriates living in Malta under one of the residency programmes: the regular residence programme, the Malta residence programme or Malta`s pension programme continue to be provided free of charge in Malta through health and social security contracts adopted in 1956.

Pensioners living in Malta under residence systems such as those of British citizens who served in Malta during the Second World War and those covered by recent residence programmes will not experience any changes in the areas of health and social security. The health and social security treaties, negotiated 50 years ago, have proved invaluable to Maltese and British citizens. There is no appointment system for a family doctor. If you need treatment, go to your nearest health centre. Malta`s public health system is extensive and covers many services, including specialized care, hospital care, prescriptions, prenatal and post-natal care. Many private health professionals are also employed in the public health sector. Australian residents travelling to Malta can receive free health care for the first six months of their stay. This bilateral agreement will only work when medically necessary while an Australian resident is in Malta.

The bilateral mutual health agreement between the UK and Malta allows Maltese and British citizens to benefit free of charge from the other country`s health services if they can prove that they are normal residents. The aim of this scheme is to facilitate access to national public health services for those who would not otherwise be entitled. On 24 June 2016, the majority of the British population voted in favour of leaving the European Union. While a number of people living in different areas of life are undergoing major changes and, thanks to the bilateral health and social security treaties signed between Malta and the United Kingdom, they must adapt to this new reality of a European Union without Britain, the status of Maltese citizen residing in the United Kingdom or British citizen residing in Malta remains broadly unchanged in terms of health and social security. Form S1 allows British nationals on the same basis as:

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