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We also give you a receipt that you can keep inside your vehicle when you have not posted license plates, allowing you to drive your vehicle. The general license plate is the standard license plate assigned to vehicles in South Australia and is not a specific license plate. Between 1981 and October 2008, all of THE SA`s general records contained the slogan “SA – The Festival State” for the Adelaide Arts Festival. Between 1997 and October 2008, other slogans were available for a fee, including: South Australia – Gateway to the Outback; South Australia – The Defence State; South Australia – The Wine State; South Australia – the state of creation; South Australia – The Rose State; and South Australia – The Electronics State. All slogan discs are set in October 2008. [4] To stop the debit payment, you must either terminate your debit contract or file a notice of availability. Both can be done via your mySA GOV account. A spokesperson said the application had been approved and it was not the only coronavirus-related license plate registered in the NT. The “COVID 19” license plates are currently attributed to a BMW 5 sedan that has attracted public attention in recent days after an Adelaide Airport employee discovered the vehicle in a staff parking lot. Motorcycles, trailers and special vehicles only need a license plate in the rear. A copy of the Intergovernmental Registration Certificate and the intergovernmental authority`s licence plate receipt must be included in the e-mail. The first South Australian license plate was issued in south Australia.

The first number plates issued ranged from 1 to 599-999 and are now classified as numbered. These license plates are also called “historic.” These were issued until 1966. If the license plates have been issued between the states, you must present a receipt from the Intergovernmental Authority indicating that the license plates have been handed over. No, if you have a license plate agreement, you are exempt from handing over your license plates. 60 digital plates have been auctioned. Once a disc agreement has been reached and you have taken possession of your new discs, you must deliver your old discs in person or by mail to a its service service center. License plates can be handed over at any Service SA service centre. You must complete the MR300 Surrender form of license plates (80.6 KB PDF). No, every motorcycle plate has a different size. The following table shows the different combinations of discs and their size.

Please note that the custom plate must contain the National Government Roundel, which is why it is a little larger than the general output and custom discs. Fill out an application form (128.1 KB PDF) and you will be made available to an SA Customer Service Center. A new registration fee is levied, which can be less expensive if you specify a police registration number. Until 1966, the South Australian plates were all in number and were reissued in either nn-n- or n format, white on a black background. These plates are available as an extra for a new release. [5] Similar license plates have been issued to vehicle owners across Australia, but national regulations differ with respect to terminology considered acceptable. To get your license plate before Christmas, please place your order before 4pm on Friday 20 November. Your individual or personalized license plate agreement includes reallocation rights.

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