King County Purchase And Sale Agreement

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Seattle/King County buyers should consider making a down payment of 1 to 3% of the purchase price. The median price of a home is currently $650,000, and 2% of that price is $13,000. If you think you`re competing for the home, it`s best to improve your game and make a bigger deposit – as much as you and your financial advisor think you can afford. These will be two separate payments, both of which ultimately go towards the purchase of the house. Earnest money is the first step, while the down payment is what the buyer brings to Fiduciary to close the purchase to the conclusion (with your mortgage lender part of the purchase, sent separately by the financial institution). A courier service can carry a physical cheque with the purchase and sale contract signed from the buyer`s broker to the fiduciary company. Buyers receive a receipt for the first payment from their agent as well as from La Treuhand. The Registry Office is responsible for the registration and maintenance of real estate records in King County. The documents you will find in the King County Recorder`s Office are: real estate documents (documents, mortgage documents, sworn property tax insurance, etc.) Surveyors, Condos and Plat Maps Links Marriage Applications and Certificates Various documents (proxies, wills, community property agreements, military discharge documents, etc.) For birth and death records, divorce documents, wealth tax documents and wealth assessment statements, please contact these agencies directly. Between 1854 and 1969, the King County auditor managed all documents that were made public. In 1969, the county auditor`s recording function was taken over by the newly created registrar. Over the years, the method of acquiring documents has developed from a manual transcription system in Ledger books for digital digitization and indexing of documents submitted for registration.

Resolution 5586 Approved: 26.02.2018 Title: Executive Director`s Authorization to Modify, Repeal, Restructuring and/or To enter into new agreements with HomeSight as part of the HomeSight Phase III Affordable Housing Project, in addition to Greenbridge Making the Transaction for Washington Residential Real Estate Documents can be sent personally or by mail to Recorder`s Office. The office does not interpret or verify the accuracy of the documents (except for compliance with formatting by the Washington State RCW).

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