Iup Housing Agreement

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Affordable prices – Our goal is to provide housing for every budget. We offer a wide range of pricing options, depending on how many roommates your student is willing to have and where you want to live. We are willing to work with students who use financial assistance to pay for their housing; Just ask us how they can do it. The relationship between roommates often has an impact on the satisfaction of university life. The elements of a positive relationship are the confident expression of one`s own needs, recognition and respect for the unique needs and lifestyles of others, and positive conflict management. Students are expected to take primary responsibility for developing and maintaining a positive roommate relationship. Students are strongly encouraged to engage fully in cooperation to resolve disputes, by speaking directly to roommates, exchanging concerns, expressing feelings honestly and resolving conflicts together. In some cases, a roommate may not react or difficult to approach. In both situations, the student must ask for the help of his director ca or residence. Residential staff can help students express themselves to their roommates or negotiate a housing contract. Our goal is to offer the best value for your dollar. Our case will always be clean, well repaired and safe. We will always treat you and your students with respect as they move into adulthood, while continuing to keep you in the loop.

First of all, we thank you for the privilege of choosing to make accommodation available to your students while they visit Indiana University in Pennsylvania. We understand that this can be a new experience for you and your family, as your children can move on to adulthood. So thank you for trusting us as you send your student into this next chapter of their lives. We hope to help you and your student bridge the gap between living under your roof and your student living alone. The IUP site for on-campus housing is www.iup.edu/housing. Housing and hospitality contracts are legal agreements and are compulsory after deposit for the academic year (autumn semester and spring semester). Students are financially responsible for both semesters, unless they participate in a university-sponsored program, withdraw from the Indiana area or when they complete their enrollment. In addition, there are administrators, maintenance and other housing personnel who may be in the building.

The non-refundable down payment of US$80, which is attached to the housing contracts, is credited with the entire student`s university account. (See also Section IV. Cancellation of the housing licence agreement.) Room and restaurant fees are indicated on the acceptance of the Residence Hall Housing License Agreement. The university reserves the right to adjust room and/or meal costs before or during the period of the agreement by appeal to its board of directors. The payment of the half-yearly room and meal fees must be made according to the deadlines indicated in the university count for each semester.

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