Ice Registered Training Agreement

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Is there any advice you would give to someone considering a professional registration? I would definitely recommend that they consider working at a professional registration. For civil engineers, I would propose to respect ICE`s registered training agreement, as it will focus on achieving their development goals and milestones. In addition, I would recommend getting the support of a mentor who is already a CEng and who knows what you are going through. What contributed to your decision to register professionally? Becoming CEng has been a target since I left university. I see it as a really important continuation of my university apprenticeship, combined with a more practical and “real” development at work to become a completely rounded civil engineer Click on one of the training format options below to book your training. Select “classroom” to display a place for a planned ICE course and training location, select “online” for online learning, or select “in-house” to learn about training tailored to your organization. If you have questions about training agreements or if you are struggling with an app, then we`re here to help. Your employer is responsible for your day-to-day training, but our Membership recruitment team will provide advice and advice. ICE training programs are structured training programs implemented by ICE-approved employers – to find out if your company has an ICE training program, use our proven employer search tool. If your company doesn`t have an ICE training program, mentor-assisted training may be the best option for you. This useful one-day training was specifically designed to help the SCE/DE understand what is expected of it, to appreciate the framework in which they must work, and to ensure that they deal with and care for graduate civil engineers in a consistent and effective manner. The supervising civil engineer is the key to making training and development within their organization as effective and effective as possible.

Together with the delegated engineer, they offer clear guidance and advice for qualified engineers who are progressing towards professional membership in ICE. This intensive course focuses specifically on how tutoring works effectively in practice. The course is interactive and often uses real-life examples as part of THE ICE. Two employees recently signed up for the training agreement on our training program with the Institution of Civil Engineers, as they take their first steps in their professional careers. Learn more about the ICE training program. It explains what a training agreement is, how trainees receive advice and support, and how they can keep an eye on training. It will also help companies understand how companies can launch their own training program at ICE.

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