Geelong Regional Library Enterprise Agreement

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The organizers of Tassie ASU will be busy in the next 8 months negotiating a new company… Read more To All former members of Yemen in Zinfra As you know, Zinfra has reached an agreement Read more It is time for the community to decide on an opportunity for a larger library service and to ask whether it supports the Council to pay more for an improved service. “The Warrnambool City Council has just announced that it will be leaving the Qur`agamite partnership and is approaching the moment when our current partnership agreement with the Korangamite Regional Library Corporation will be renewed. Given the impending negotiations on enterprise agreements, this has never been a more important time for… Read more Many of Tasmania`s local government agreements run at the end of this… Read more Last week, the ASU met and delegated with the Council to discuss the concerns of library staff… BCYF have indicated that they have offered their agreement, which does not … Read more As we continue to negotiate for your enterprise agreement, job security has remained the key… Read more It`s time for us to start the renegotiation process for your enterprise agreement… Read more We are holding a meeting to approve the minutes of ASU`s claims for future enterprise agreements… Read more The ASU has been informed that negotiations on a new enterprise agreement are being forfeited… The ASU has been contacted by the management of the City of Melbourne to take over the company … Read more ASU and Strathbogie Shire Management have made your business agreement for…

Read more ASU members at Mission Australia are preparing to negotiate a new enterprise agreement. – Do that. Read more The process of getting a new business contract at Moreland is underway. It`s… Read more Negotiations on enterprise agreements have recently concluded important dates for… GRLC would also offer more computers and more Internet access to Colac and Apollo Bay, longer loan times, more library programs and more advertising activities – but in the same great centres with the same large staff. “Last year, Colac Otway, in response to community feedback, began exploring the possibility of providing improved library services through the Geelong Regional Library Corporation,” said Cr Schram. The proposed roll-over enterprise agreement (EA) was concluded last month with a … Read more As members now know, negotiations for your new enterprise agreement are now… Read more negotiations have begun to consolidate your enterprise agreement. The registered employee…

Read more The increase included $282,000 in staff costs for the recently opened Leopold Library and a 2.025 percent pay increase, she said. Voting on a proposed agreement begins today. Your union recommends to employees VOTE NO. … Mansfield Shire has requested a Memorandum of Understanding to clean up the agreement in order to amend our current agreement. … Read more The urgent library of an online delegates meeting will take place tonight at 6 p.m. Please ignore the… Read more Vote for the proposed enterprise agreement in the city of Hobart opens on Tuesday, October 15th…

Read more The very first family violence holiday in an industrial agreement applicable throughout the…

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