Gateway Sales Agreement

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12.2 Full agreement; Changing. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous or concomitant agreements, proposals and assurances, either in writing or orally, with respect to the terms of this agreement. This agreement can only be amended or amended in a letter signed by both parties. MASTER PAYMENT PROCESSING SERVICES AGREEMENT THIS MASTER PAYMENT PROCESSING SERVICES AGREEMENT (the “agreement”) is entered into by and between Inovio Payments Inc., a Delaware company (“Inovio”) and the signed person or company (“customer”). Given the reciprocal promises and covenants contained in them and other good and valuable counterparties whose preservation and sufficiency are recognized, the parties hereafter agree: 1. Definitions. The basic terms that are used in this agreement and are not defined differently have the meanings below. 1.1 “Alerts” refers to confirmed contentious transaction information that Inovio distributes to the customer. 1.2 Alternative Payment Process refers to payment methods used as an alternative to credit card payments, which may include, among other things, prepaid or stored cards, debit cards, electronic cheques, telephone and mobile payments, and other payment methods that may be available from time to time.

1.3 “Additional products” refer to software, products, services, content or other materials provided or integrated into Inovio services. 1.4 Anti-fraud services that help prevent fraudulent credit card transactions and/or prevent credit bookings. As part of anti-fraud services, Inovio has the power to make cancellations and/or credits. The term “inversion” refers to transactions between the customer and a third party that were cancelled before being processed by the billing system in question. 1.5 “Inovio Merchant Payment Processing Application” refers to such an application, submitted by Inovio and completed by the Customer as part of the conclusion of this agreement. 1.6 Inovio Services refers to credit card processing services, other payment procedures, anti-fraud services, bank debit processing services, payment system, processing and other services, as described in more detail on the Inovio website, and related documentation. 1.7 “Inovio website” means www.inoviopayments.com. 1.8 Bank account debit services refer to the settlement of one-off and recurring transactions made by the customer through debits to the bank.

Inovio reserves the right to switch downstream providers for these services through another provider. 1.9 “card” refers to any valid credit or debit card issued by a member of Visa, MasterCard or any other inovio-supported card issuer association or organization, which bears the corresponding license plates of the association or issuing agency. 1.10 “Card Association” refers to Visa, MasterCard or any other card allocation, or the issuer of another card of a club or network. 1.11 “cardholder” refers to the person whose name is printed or marked on a valid card and any authorized user of that card who uses a card to purchase goods and services from a merchant. 1.12 “Cardholder data” is non-public, personally identifying information transmitted by the cardholder, including credit card number, name, address, telephone number and email address. 1.13 “confirmed disputed transaction” refers to a transaction for a dealer`s designer who is known to have the transaction is or will be challenged by the cardholder. 1.14 “credit card processing services” refers to the processing of unique and recurring visa and mastercard card transactions for the customer`s banking transactions via the customer`s reseller account, using secure lines and a website interface provided by the Inovio server.

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