Distribution Agreement Template Singapore

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Finally, the key elements of the duration of the contract, the information relating to the supply of the product and the sales areas covered by the agreement are grouped together. The indication of all the details relating to the supply of the product is particularly important and this information must be discussed in depth in the contract or in an appendix. This section should include contracting, payment, delivery, returns, inspection requirements, risk transfer, transfer of ownership and all other relevant details. The distribution agreement must protect the intellectual property (brands, patents, copyrights, etc.) of the supplier, as well as confidential information and trade secrets. If the distributor`s territory is a foreign country, it is appropriate to apply for registration of the supplier`s trademarks and patents in that country before a distribution contract is concluded. 1. Products manufactured by the supplier and sold to the distributor are:PRODUCT NAME CATALOG/ITEM NUMBER [Product Name 1] [Catalogue/Article Number 1][Product Name 2] [Catalogue/Article Number 2] (Add as many names and product numbers as necessary).) By creating and negotiating a contract that will determine all the specific terms of the agreement, companies can ensure that they are both clear in all aspects of the agreement, so that both conclude the end of the agreement. If a party does not comply with the contractual terms, the distribution contract also offers remedies and remedies for the aggrieved party. A distribution agreement would also determine the procedure and effect of the termination of the distribution agreement. In this way, the limits of the transaction can be clearly indicated when certain provisions regarding the termination process of the agreement and the obligations of the distributor after termination apply. After the termination of the contract, there are several obligations that may remain effective after termination, which may be a non-compete clause, or the removal or redemption of products held by the distributor. A distribution agreement should also provide for the obligations arising from the transaction between the manufacturer and the distributors.

Commitments can be minimum revenue targets. B, the indication of the type of marketing and also the number of reports on sales, customer reviews and product problems. In general, the obligations for exclusive distribution agreements are heavier. When developing a distribution contract, several key elements should be taken into account: the distribution contract defines the terms of the agreement, including the cost of the goods or commission rate, the duration of the contract during which the distributor can operate and other important details. A distribution agreement sets out the conditions under which a distributor complies with the sale of a supplier`s products. The distribution agreement is a legally binding agreement between a company supplying products and another entity that markets and markets products, which defines the obligations and responsibilities of both companies to sell/provide services to customers located in specific geographic areas. It is a simple B2B distribution agreement that is user-friendly for low-value, low-risk electronic products.

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