Api Licensing Agreement

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6. Use agreements. You must enter into a valid and binding end-user licensing agreement with all users of your application (the “LAE”) with provisions that include all restrictions on the use of content, such as those contained in this Agreement. In addition, this UAE contains limitations on liability and liability for content that comply with the restrictions contained in it. 10.7. Full agreement; Renunciation. This agreement contains all the understanding and agreement of the parties with respect to the program and resources and replaces all written or written agreements or agreements between the parties with respect to the program and resources, except to the extent that the agreement contains the terms of use of Rebilly and dpa, as described here. Rebilly`s waiver of a violation of a provision of this agreement should not be characterized as a waiver of another offence or subsequent violation. Please note that in addition to the terms of this license agreement, you may also be required to: Become a party to other contractual terms on Evernote sites, including (i) Evernote`s terms of use of evernote`s service (sometimes referred to as “service”), (2) the Evernote Data Protection Directive, (iii) the object mark guidelines, including the mark and use of evernote`s trademark for the use of Evernote trademarks or services (the “brand guidelines”). which may be presented to you with respect to other elements of the service or related sales opportunities, including those for which you can click “Accept” or “Accept” to become a party (each of which is a “separate agreement”).

If there is a conflict between the terms of a separate agreement and this licensing agreement, that agreement will have control over your use of the API and the terms of the separate agreement prevail over the purpose of that separate agreement. If the licensee files a paid application, if this application is approved by Zendesk, and if the licensee follows the necessary registration and list steps that are included and which have been communicated by other means to the licensee, the licensee can list the paid application on the Marketplace and charge subscribers for the purchase of the paid app. The fees levied on the sale of the licensed app (“purchase fee”) must be processed through the payment processor account for which the licensee is registered as part of the paid application list. The purchase costs are processed by the licensee`s subscriber through the liquidator. The purchase costs are paid into the licensee`s Payment Processor account, in accordance with the terms of the contract between the purchaser and the liquidator.

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