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While AIA contract documents bring a number of benefits to all in a project, they do not always prioritize the interests of subcontractors. The contract document is not provided for each project, you may need to adapt or modify it with addendums that meet your specific needs. Section 15 of the A401 allows for the addition of documents that modify or complement the terms of the agreement. If your company has standard terms or a language you want to use in your projects, you can include them here as an exhibition. David Salton, a Houston-based construction lawyer, recommends that subcontractors make this change: The AIA® document A401™ is the standard form of the agreement between the contractor and the subcontractor to establish the contractual relationship between the contractor and the subcontractor. As I said earlier, subcontracting agreements cover the terms of the contractor`s agreement with the owner. In the A401, Article 2 provides for the agreement to resume the contractual terms between the principal contractor and the owner as well as the terms of A201 (Terms of Contract). Similarly, according to document A401, the subcontractor has access to information on the general contractor`s financial health on the project – but must file his application before signing the subcontractor. Whether or not you use AIA contract documents, always consult a lawyer before signing a contract. It is particularly useful to find one that specializes in construction; They`ll know what they need to watch out for. Another feature of the A421 is that it contains the Prime contract. The result is that the terms agreed by the owner and contractor in the first contract are “down” for the contractor and subcontractor. The A421 also sets out the reciprocal rights and responsibilities of the parties.

Where there is a conflict between the provisions of the master contract and an employment contract, the terms of the employment contract apply. As with most AIA documents, terms that are not defined in the master`s agreement or work mission are defined in a201-2017. The A421 provides that the contractor and the subcontractor resolve disputes involving the contractor and the owner in accordance with the provisions of the first dispute settlement contract. However, if the dispute does not concern the contractor and the owner – or if the subcontractor is legally prevented from being involved in the dispute resolution proceedings of the main contract – the contractor and the subcontractor must first proceed with the mediation. In the case of disputes that are not resolved by mediation, the contractor and the subcontractor agree to a binding settlement of disputes by arbitration, litigation or other form that they choose under the framework contract. 1.6: On request, the subcontractor makes available to the subcontractor a complete set of subcontracting documents in order to provide subcontractors with subcontracting documents before the sub-market is executed… It is likely that subcontractors will also have to pay for the payment documents required by the contract. These may include requests for wages, continuation sheets and change orders.

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