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Most states have passed similar laws. ACEC is now working to strengthen and expand the reach of QBS as “best practices” for businesses to ensure innovation, performance and public safety. The American Council of Engineering Companies Political Action Committee (ACEC/PAC) is an annual PAC of over one million dollars, the largest PAC in the A/E industry and among the 3 percent of all federal PACs. ACEC 31 describes the key elements of the business relationship between a consulting engineering firm and its client, which is necessary for both a successful consulting engineering practice and a satisfied client. Information sessions on Document 31 are expected to take place throughout the year, in collaboration with our Memer organizations, to raise awareness and use the document. ACEC-SK has decided to maintain the recommended rates line for Saskatchewan Consulting Engineering Services in 2020. Given the persistence of economic uncertainty and the sharp decline in activity in many of Saskatchewan`s most important sectors, the association recognizes the downward pressure on professional services rates in these challenging economic times. • Community Service Awards – Is presented annually to member companies that have made outstanding contributions to the quality of life in their community. ACEC dates back to the Association of Architectural Engineers, founded in New York in 1905 to promote the business interests of consulting engineers. . . .

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